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Burst open the seeds, gaze at the chain reactions, and free the gardens from Prizee's best seller game, packed full with new worlds, challenges, bonuses and levels!
Jump into the garden adventure with Jardin Secret 2 Deluxe, and discover Koulapic’s hidden secrets. We are proud to bring you the sequel of the game acclaimed by the millions of users from the Prizee Community.
Tired of match-3 games?
Discover Jardin Secret 2 Deluxe, an arcade game with refreshing & addictive gameplay twists. Burst open the seeds and gaze at the chain reactions. Be wary of mistakes though, if you rush without thinking you might not have enough water to complete your garden and the level.
  • Stress-free gardening : Jardin Secret 2 Deluxe has no time limit and can be played anywhere.
  • No in-app purchase, obtrusive ads, nor life/energy/time system. Play at your own rhythm, as much as you like.
  • A significant play-time with its 6 worlds and many levels.
  • Many gameplay twists to discover (twin seeds, blocking dirt, power-ups and level-oriented objectives)
  • Play the game again and again to unlock the Star Challenges, the Elite and Platinum levels.
  • Accessible & challenging for everyone, with a progressive and calibrated difficulty.

« Jardin Secret 2 Deluxe is full of selling points, without hidden defects. To try it is to fall in love with it. » - Marketing Team

  • Gluten-Free
  • OGM Free
  • 100% Natural