TanooJump, soon on iOS and Android

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Coming soon
for iOS/Android
Don’t be fooled by their cute face, those Pandas are clearly Machiavellians. During the night, they stole Tanukis’ legendary scroll. Tanoo, the bravest of the Tanukis, chased the panda and got back the scroll.
Now surrounded and trapped on a few islands while the Pandas’ rocket riders are heading on him, losing the scroll once again seems inevitable. How many rounds can you resist and how many pandas will you stomp during your heroic last stand?
  • Easy and free to play! Jump, double jump, dodge and STOMP PANDAS!
  • Get started and instantly have fun helping Tanoo protect his legendary scroll
  • Chain rounds and survive against the waves of Pandas!
  • Trigger crazy special bonus modes
  • Collect coins and unlock amazing hats to customize Tanoo
  • Complete missions and gain levels to unlock new features and upgrades

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* As everybody knows, bears hate spams

Those Pandas are NOT fluffy